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MCCB has been holding spring and fall concerts for almost 20 years.

Our usual concert venue is the Missoula Childrens Theatre

All of our concerts are free, although we encourage donations to help offset the costs of music, professional services, and venue expenses.

We play a wide variety of concert band music. In addition to the standard concert band fare, we often include classical adaptations, jazz numbers, and pieces which feature soloists from within the band.

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Spring 2003 (Dr. Thomas J.  Cook conducting)

A Festive Overture  (Alfred Reed)

An American Elegy  (Frank Ticheli)

Children's March: Over the Hills and Far Away (Percy Grainger)

Concertino    (Cecile Chaminade)

Dance of the Jesters (Peter Tchaikovsky, transcr:Ray Cramer)

Hoch Heidecksburg    (Rudolf Herzer, arr: Siegfried Rundel)

Nessun Dorma from Turandot   (Puccini, transcr: Merlin Patterson)

Fall 2003 (Mr. Leon Slater conducting)

English Folk Song Suite (Ralph Vaughan Williams)

Five Miniatures     (Joaquin Turina, arr:John Krance)

Whatsoever Things  (Mark Camphouse)

The Gum-Suckers March   (Percy Grainger, ed: R Mark Roger)

Spring 2004 (Dr. Benedict Kirby conducting)

The Hounds of Spring  (Alfred Reed)

Mock Morris   (Percy Grainger, orch: By Carl Simpson)

Concertino for Tuba and Band (James Curnow)

Second Suite In F for Military Band  (Gustav Holst)

Shenendoah  ( Frank Tichelli)

Havendance   (David Holsinger)

Commando March    (Samuel Barber)

Fall 2004 (Dr. Benedict Kirby conducting)

Washington Greys March (Claudio S. Grafulla)

Down a Country Lane  (Aaron Copland)

A Trumpeter's Lullaby  (Leroy Anderson, arr: P.J.Lang)

First Suite in Eb  (Gustav Holst)

Fantasia For Band  (Vittorio Giannini)

Daydream  (Timothy Mahr)

Pacific Scene  (Frank Bencriscutto)

Landscapes  (Benedict Kirby)

Spring 2005 (John Combs, cond.)

The Purple Carnival March  (Harry Alford)

Pictures at an Exhibition  (Modest Moussorgsky)

The Immovable Do  (Percy Grainger)

In Heaven's Air   (Samuel R. Hazo)

Ballroom Portraits   (Daniel Bukvich )

Kitten on the Keys   (Zez Confrey)




April 9, 2006 (Kevin Griggs, cond.)

And We Proceeded On (Ed Huckeby)

William Byrd Suite, No. 1: Earl of Oxford’s March (Gordon Jacob)

Prelude, Siciliano and Rondo (Malcolm Arnold, arr. John P. Paynter)

Irish Tune from County Derry (Percy Grainger)

Shepherd’s Hey (Percy Grainger)

Suite Provençale (Jan Van Der Roost)

American Overture for Band (Joseph Wilcox Jenkins)

November 19, 2006 (Benedict A. Kirby, cond.)

Nobels of the Mystic Shrine (John Philip Sousa)

Overture for Winds (Elliot Del Borg)

Lowlands of Scotland (Alister McAlpine’s Lament) (Ralph Vaughan Williams)

Scenes from The Louvre (Norman Dello Joio)

The Sussex Mummer’s Carol (Percy Grainger)

Under the Magical Wing (David Gillingham)

Let the Light Shine (Frank Bencriscutto)

Hands Across the Sea (John Philip Sousa)


November 12, 2007 (Clifford Goodman and John Schuberg, cond.)

Fuge of the Mountains (Vaclav Nelhybel, arr. John Schuberg)

The Rights of Man (David Miller)

On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss (David R. Holsinger)

La Virgen de la Macarena (Bernadina Monterede, arr. John Schuberg)

Chester (William Schumann)

Pageant (Vincent Persichetti)

Armed Forces Salute (arr. Bob Lowden)

Pirates of the Carribean (Klaus Badelt, arr. Ted Ricketts)

Star Wars (John Williams, arr. John Schuberg)

April 13, 2008 (Benedict A. Kirby, cond.)

Serenade and Dance (Claude T. Smith)

Llwyn Onn (Brian Hogg)

Lincolnshire Posy (1, 2, 4, 6) (Percy Grainger, arr. Frederick Fennell)

Astarte (James Eversole)

Song of the Gandy Dancers (Richard L. Saucedo)

T. M. Blues (Frank Bencriscutto)

Sólas Ané (Samuel R. Hazo)

Stephen Foster Melodies (Stephen Foster, arr. Lui Guzman)

November 10, 2008

Raiders' March (John Williams)

Indiansk Krigsdans (H.C. Lymbye)

Prairiesong  (Carl Strommen)

Alleluia (Howard Hanson)

Amparito Roca (Jaime Texidor & Reginald Ridgewood)

Concerto for Trombone and Band (Launy Grondahl)

Dier'in De (arr. Warren Barker)

Ryan's Song  (Michael Rosbarsky)

First Suite in E Flat for Military Band (Gustav Holst)

March 23, 2009 ( Cliff Goodman and John Schuberg, cond.)

Salvation Is Created ( Pavel Tschenokoff)

Fanfare for the New (Hugo Montenegro, arr. John Schuberg)

Rhosymedre (Ralph Vaughan Williams, arr. Walter Beeler)

Festive Overture (Dimitri Shostakovich)

Jupiter (Gustav Holst)

The Rolling of the Stones (David Miller)

Pirouettes (James Eversole)

March to the Scaffold (Hector Berlioz, arr. Calvin Custer)

Mary Poppins Medley (Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman)


November 16, 2009 (James Smart, cond.)

Courtly Airs and Dances (Ron Nelson)

Mysterious Village (Michael Colgrass)

See Songs (Ralph Vaughn Williams)

Amazing Grace (Frank Ticheli)

Variations on a Shaker Melody, from Appalachian Spring (Aaron Copland)

Longford Legend (Robert Sheldon)

May 17, 2010 (Ben Kirby, cond.)

Canzon in Echo (duodecimi toni) (1597) (Giovanni Gabrieli, 1557-1612, transcribed R.J. Garofalo)

Solaris (2008) (Robert W. Smith, b. 1958)

Through the Rings of Saturn (2010) (Ben Kirby, b. 1966)

Bugler's Holiday (1954) (I Anderson, 1908-1975)

Rain (2008) (Brian Balmages, b. 1975)

Suite Française (1944) (Darius Milhaud, 1892-1974

November 15, 2010 (Gary Gillett, cond.)

A Montana Celebration (Dave Bobrowitz)

The Italian Women in Algiers (Gioacchino Rossini, Arr. Lucien Caillet)

Pineapple Poll (Arthur Sullivan, arr. Charles Mackerras and W. J. Duthoit)

Persuasion (Sammy Nestico)

Blue Lake Overture (John Barnes Chance)

him As Summer Was Just Beginning (Song for James Dean) (Larry D. Daehn)

Suite of Old American Dances (Robert Russell Bennett)

Action Front (Hermann L. Blankenburg, revised by Gary Gillett & William Roche)

April 11, 2011

Concert Prelude (Philip Sparke)

O Magnum Misterium (Morten Lauridsen/transc. H.R. Reynolds)

Colours (Roger Cichy)

The Redwoods (Rossano Galante)

Der Traum des Oenghus (Rolf Rudin)

Gaelforce (Peter Graham)

The March from "1941" (John Williams/transc. Paul Lavender)

November 7, 2011 (John Combs, cond.)

El Camino Real (Alfred Reed)

An American Portrait (Lewis J. Buckley)

Blessed Are They, from a German Requiem (Johannes Brahmss, Arr. Barbara Buehlman)

Montana Visions (John O'Reilly)

Loch Lomond (Arr. Frank Ticheli)

Gershwin! (Arr. Warren Barker)

The Glory of the Yankee Navy (John Philip Sousa, Arr. Schissel)

April 9, 2012 (Kevin Griggs, cond.)

Three Symphonic Fanfares: Movement 1-Fanfare for Annapolis (James Barnes)

The Thunderer (John Philip Sousa)

(Symphony on themes of John Philip Sousa: Movement II-after Defender (Ira Hearshen)

Africa: Ceremony, Song and Ritual (Robert W. Smith)

Brandenburg Concerto #3: Allegro (J. S. Bach, arranged William Manning)

Perthshire Majesty (Samuel Hazo)

Kitten on the Keys (Zez Confrey, Arr. James Ripley)

With Heart and Voice (Ira Hearshen)

November 12, 2012 (Jennifer Kirby, cond.)

Rocky Point Holiday (Ron Nelson)

Contre Qui Rose (Morten Lauridsen)

Shepherd's Hey (Percy Grainger)

Cajun Folk Song Suite (Frank Tichelli)

The Free Lance March (John Philip Sousa)

Slavic Scherzo (Joseph Compello)

Variations on a Korean Folk Song (John Barnes Chance)

Puszta! (Jan Van der Roost)